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Jon Stewart And John Feal Healthcare For Sick 911

jon stewart slams lawmakers for not attending 911 victims hearing stewart a longtime advocate for victims and first responders of the 2001 attacks said it was shameful more lawmakers didnt , washington comedian jon stewart is scolding congress for failing to ensure that a victims compensation fund set up after the 9 11 attacks never runs out of money pointing to rows of empty

jon stewart shames lawmakers for not showing up to 911 victims fund hearing, comedian jon stewart chastised congress on tuesday for failing to act quickly to ensure that the september 11 victims compensation fund does not run out of money stewart spoke before a house , comedian jon stewart took members of congress to task on tuesday blasting part of the house judiciary committee for its low attendance at a hearing about reauthorizing funding for people with , 925 am pt jons in front of the committee and making a passionate plea while also scolding members of congress for not making the bill a unanimous consent watch jon stewart testifies for Whip your home into shape by following these expert tips and tricks for jon stewart 9 11.